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What we do

We want to help local arts groups to grow and develop. We offer grants to our member societies to support their activities, organise festivals and exhibitions and work in collaboration with the borough's Arts Development team and the department of Culture and Leisure Services.

Who we are and how we work  

An executive committee of elected officers, individuals representing the arts and representatives of the London Borough of Havering run Havering Arts Council. Each activity area has a hub of its own which deals specifically with these areas. 

Brief history and more about us

Havering Arts Council was formed in 1965 to help develop the practise and appreciation of the Arts throughout the London Borough of Havering. At about the same time many other London boroughs were establishing their own Arts Councils: not all of them still exist. Havering owes its vibrant amateur arts community to those individuals who have worked through the decades to encourage it, and to a supportive local authority.

Havering Arts Council is divided into three main tiers of organisation. Every member group, and individual member, is represented through, and entitled to participate in, one of the relevant hubs. The five activity hubs are Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Arts and Diverse (other). They meet to discuss and advise the Executive on matters falling within their particular field of interest.

The Executive is delegated powers by the General Council to conduct the normal day to day business of the organisation. It consists of the Officers (Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer), together with the co-ordinators of the respective activity hubs, Councillor representatives nominated by Havering Borough Council, other members elected from the body of the General Council, and co-opted members. It meets approximately six times a year, and much of its business is taken up in dealing with funding requests from member groups, and planning initiatives such as {Festivals and Exhibitions}.

Once a year at the Annual General Meeting, and otherwise as required, the General Council meets to decide on general policy issues, and to elect the Executive. The General Council is our governing body and consists principally of representatives of member groups, but also individual members, representatives of Havering Council and other interested organizations and individuals that it agrees to co-opt. (See The Constitution of the Havering Arts Council for further details)

One of Havering Arts Council's functions is to act as a Funding body to arts groups in Havering and to various arts projects taking place in the borough. Societies may request grants or guarantees against loss on specific projects planned for the forthcoming financial year. Estimated balance sheets for such projects, together with an annual statement of accounts for the previous financial year, must be submitted with the application form to the co-ordinator of the relevant activity hub.

In order to qualify for such funding it is first necessary to attain Membership of Havering Arts Council. For a group member, this involves having an approved constitution, producing annual accounts, and paying the relevant membership fee. Individual members pay a small fee to support and be kept informed about the Arts in Havering.

Havering Arts Council itself receives a modest annual grant from the London Borough of Havering to be spent in accordance with the aims and objects of the constitution. Our other principal source of income is from membership subscriptions.

For further information on membership, grants and guarantees or any other aspect of Havering Arts Council please contact the Secretary, Jill Luff at or on 01708 641718, or Membership Secretary Arlene Trump at

Havering Arts Council Officers


Representing The Arts

Representing London Borough of Havering (Five Councillors nominated by the London Borough of Havering:)

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