Havering Arts Council
  Registered Charity No: 248171  
 Benefits of Membership


1. Being part of a group of people with a common interest in the Arts, where experiences, successes, failures or problems, can be shared.

2. Able to take part in and share Corporate Events, e.g. Havering Arts Festival, Art Exhibitions, Concerts, Drama Festival, etc.

3. Have your group and its events promoted through the Havering Arts Council Facebook and Twitter sites.

4. Free publicity in the HAC quarterly Calendar of Events and on this web site for any event organised by your club/society/group, and help in getting your own publicity materials distributed around the borough.

5. A free entry for your Society in the HAC Year Book and web site giving full details of your group and bringing in more members.

6. Financial assistance towards the printing of your posters and programmes (provided acknowledgement is given to HAC) and with transport costs within the Borough of Havering, (e.g. transporting scenery, rostra, large items for exhibitions, etc. to the venue,) up to a maximum of 75.00 per group per annum. Further financial assistance in the form of a grant of a specified sum or a guarantee against loss for specific activities can be claimed. Applicants must be paid up members of HAC prior to the submission of the application.

7. At least one General Meeting each year with cheese and wine, where you can meet other members of HAC to exchange views/ideas in a social atmosphere.

8. Automatic membership of an Activity Committee, committed to your art form, who meet on a regular basis.

9. An invitation to join in a special Members' Open Day "Arts for All" held annually to promote HAC and its members, with an opportunity to show the public what you do.

10.Lastly, but by no means least - we need YOU to give Havering Arts Council a bigger voice in Havering!

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