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 Member Funding Scheme


1. Policy

1.1 Financial assistance is available normally only to groups and not to individuals.

1.2 The current policy is to provide member societies, where appropriate, with financial assistance for:

a) A special one-off project
b) Staging a Training Course or Exhibition
c) Assistance towards the holding of demonstrations or talks intended to improve the standard of work currently undertaken.

1.3 The assistance given will be normally in the form of either:

a) A non-returnable grant of a specified sum; or,
b) A guarantee against loss (i.e. a specified maximum sum payable in the event of the function or event for which an application has been approved sustaining a loss)

1.4 Assistance is not normally provided:

a) Towards the ordinary running costs of a society, e.g., hall hire, paid leaders, consumables, but special consideration would be given to assisting a newly-formed society.
b) Towards the purchase of equipment for use by a society or its members.

1.5 Assistance is normally only available for events and activities held within a ten mile radius of the Havering Town Hall in Romford. Assistance for events outside this distance will be entirely at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

1.6 Applications for financial assistance will be considered at each meeting of the Executive Committee.

1.7 In reaching a decision about financial assistance, consideration will be given to the ability of the society concerned to fund the activity from its own resources and the artistic enterprise and risk factor attached to the proposed event or programme. The level of a society’s membership fee should be set at a rate appropriate to the level of activity carried out.

1.8 It is expected that a budget for an event or performance will be realistically calculated to break even.

1.9 This is a statement of current policy which may be varied at the complete discretion of the Executive Committee.

NB: The Executive Committee will consider and agree the total sum available for payment to members for grants and guarantees at their March meeting when the annual budget will be set.

Members are reminded that applications will be dealt with in order of receipt and that when the budgeted sum allocated for grants and guarantees has been spent the Executive Committee may not be able to consider any further application during the remainder of the ensuing financial year.

2. Eligibility

2.1 Applicants must have been paid up members of Havering Arts Council for 12 months prior to the submission of the application and must pay their subscription for the following financial year prior to receiving the grant or subsidy.

3. Procedure

3.1 Member Societies wishing to apply for financial assistance may obtain application forms from their Committee Chairman or may be downloaded from the HAC Website. Forms are not available from the Hon. Secretary.

3.2 Two copies of the application should be made on the forms provided; one to be sent to the Hon. Secretary of the Havering Arts Council and the other is to be handed to the Chairman of your Sub-Committee at the designated meeting. Failure to comply with both requirements may jeopardise your application.

3.3 Applications for tutorial sessions, as detailed under section 4.3 of this guidance, must be accompanied by an up dated statement of the society’s accounts. All other applications must be accompanied by the latest set of annual accounts.

3.4 The application must also include financial details of the project for which assistance is being sought (i.e. estimated expenditure for the event together with income expected. Any sponsorship or other financial assistance must be included).

NB: Applications not accompanied by the annual accounts and financial statements will not be considered.

3.5 The applicant shall supply any other information as may be reasonably requested in order for the Executive Committee to reach a decision.

3.6 Applications must normally be presented at a meeting of your Sub-Committee and you must ensure that a representative from your society is present to discuss your request with the Chairman and Committee in order that the information given may be accurately presented to the Executive Committee when your application is being considered. In the event of non-attendance the application will not be considered.

3.7 In the exceptional circumstance that the Sub-Committee is unable to convene, then one copy of the form should be sent to the Chairman of your Sub-Committee and one copy sent to the Hon. Secretary to take to the next Executive Meeting at which your request may be considered.

3.8 To assist the Executive Committee in formulating the annual budget any applications for the ensuing financial year should be dealt with by the Sub-Committees by the end of February in order that applications may be considered at the March meeting of the Executive Committee when the budget for the ensuing financial year will be set.

NB: Members are reminded that applications submitted other than in accordance with clause 3.6 will not be considered by the Executive Committee.

3.9 The result of unsuccessful applications will be made known to the applicant by the Hon. Sec. of the Havering Arts Council within 14 days following the appropriate meeting of the Executive Committee. Successful applicants will normally receive payments of the sum awarded within ten days of the meeting.

4. Financial Aid

4.1 For a single special or collective event of particular relevance to the work of the Havering Arts Council or the arts in general, based upon a submission to the Executive and their approval, a grant or guarantee against loss up to a maximum sum of £250.00 will be made.

4.2 For courses for education purposes, weekend or 1 day, where a minimum for members from four groups in membership of the HAC take part, a grant of 50% of the total cost of the event will be available up to a maximum sum of £200.00. Lists of attendees with details of group membership will be required to be submitted upon making a claim together with a report and details of the event.

4.3 Tutorial sessions arranged by individual groups or societies for:

a) Adjudicators
b) Demonstrators
c) Lecturers

A grant of 50% of the fee paid to the tutor/presenter will be available up to a maximum sum of £75 per annum.

NB: Where more than one group is involved in a course or tutorial session the grant will be made available only to the one group organising the event.

4.4 To assist groups generally, a grant of 30% towards printing costs and a grant of up to £75.00 per annum towards transport costs will be available per annum per group, normally paid for activity wholly within the Borough (see clause 1.4). These grants will be available on a first come, first served basis up to a maximum budget for the items set from time to time by the Executive Committee.

5. Payment

5.1 The grants awarded may be claimed before or after the event on the production of a budget and evidence of expenditure.

5.2 Payment of guarantees against loss will be made following the completion of the event and following the presentation of a certified statement of account which includes supporting evidence of income and expenditure as may be required by the Executive when granting a guarantee.

5.3 Payment for assistance towards transport or printing costs will be made following receipt of written application giving the following information:

a) Date of event
b) Description of event and venue
c) Total cost of printing (posters, handbills, programme, etc), together with supporting invoices, etc. or, if dealing with own printing/photocopying, details together with materials and copying costs supported by bills and invoices etc. if available; or
d) Total cost of transport provided with supporting invoices, or, if own vehicles used, fuel bills.

If a member’s own vehicle is used, the following information should be given:

a) Make, type of vehicle and c.c.
b) Total distance in miles travelled

6. Conditions

6.1 Havering Arts Council reserves the right to refuse financial assistance.

NB: Attention is drawn to the fact that, as a registered charity, financial assistance cannot be provided to members for taking part in a fundraising event for other organisations or charities.

6.2 Acknowledgment of membership of Havering Arts Council shall be given on all programmes and publicity material.

6.3 Financial assistance shall only be used for the purpose specified in the application and the prior agreement of Havering Arts Council is required before that may be varied.

6.4 It is expected that all societies will operate a reasonable charges policy.

6.5 Grants must be claimed by 30 April following the end of the relevant financial year for which they were allocated, or within six months of the date of the event, whichever is the soonest.

6.6 The recipient of a Grant is responsible for obtaining all the licences and permissions, including copyright, which are necessary for the event, together with appropriate insurance.

6.7 Havering Arts Council cannot be held responsible for any debts or liabilities of member societies in receipt of grant aid.

6.8 Havering Arts Council reserves the right to send an assessor to any performance, event or committee meeting of an organisation in receipt of financial assistance.

Approved by Havering Arts Council Executive Committee
25 July 2013

Download the Application Form and Member Funding Scheme Policy.

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