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Hi everyone

Looking for things we can do, rather than things we can't do in these difficult times.

  • For those who love drama we are trialling playreading through various platforms - its possible to do virtual play readings! More news in a few days once we have tested it.
  • Poets and writers of prose and plays can carry on at home or in the garden - we can share your work virtually.
  • Artists can carry on painting and drawing and sculpting etc - we can share images of your works virtually.

Same for photographers and embroiderers etc etc. Dancers - we saw some of your dancing in the street!  It may have to be the sitting room or the patio now, but you could do that via a link too. Although we need to keep apart, we don't need to feel isolated, and so we are offering you communications and a platform on which we can engage and keep our arts community alive and kicking.

News of some competitions coming soon - for children and adults.

Havering Arts Council is here to support all of our members and the general public in the pursuit and realisation of all of our arts at this unprecedented time.
Keep watching our news feed and our blog  and feed in thoughts and ideas of your own.
Meantime, keep safe and more news very soon.
Chrissie x

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