Havering Arts Online

Summer Festival presented by Havering Arts Council and Havering Arts Development

During the pandemic our Havering Arts Festival moved online and continued to promote arts and cultural activity across the borough throughout the summer. As we navigate our way through the aftermath, local artists, performers and arts organisations are invited to contribute content and opportunities for people of all ages.

There are many videos and pictures here for you to continue enjoy - all year round!

What's Happening Now!


You can still enjoy some moving galleries of pictures:
Tashi Selection 2020 - Tashi Khan 
The Man that Paints the Park - Denis John-Naylor
Urban Impressions  - Keith Webb
Nature and Decay - Steve Cook
Wild Havering
Havering Arts Rock Painting
London Garden Show 2020 - Tashi Khan and her collective
Blue 75  - Marcela Olivia Dorantes
A Life in Circles - ​Poppy O'Brien

Our monthly exhibitions & competitions
We held monthly art competitions and the galleries can be viewed here 

Open Gallery
Watch Video's

Some have put together short videos ... take a peek in Pandora's Box! Keep watching this space ...

Watch Video's
Watch Video's